Wildcrafted, Yes or No?

Wildcrafted skincare has been trending. Do you think it is sustainable and responsible? If not, how do we ensure the raw ingredients being used in skincare is safe and full of nature’s best?

Pictured: Prickly Wild Roses growing Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. 

Wild Roses

I recall being so flattered when some friends assumed I created my Rose Face Line from wild roses growing in my garden. My first thought was, “Wow! What an undertaking!” Secondly, I thought about all of the birds and little critters that depend on those rose bushes for vitamin c, food and cover.


I inherited a massive beautiful garden in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. My mother-in-law was a master gardener. Our property has both perennials (some as old as my husband) and lovely native wild fauna. These plants have really changed the way I think about wildcrafted skincare. Maybe more accurately, the role these plants play in the forest and for the forest creatures changed my mind.

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Or Shopping?

I have often thought of making glycerites from rosehips at the end of the summer season. They smell amazing and have an infinite number of homeopathic uses. They are edible and full of vitamin c and other nutrients.

My problem; I find it difficult to take that source from my fine little feathered friends, so I don’t. Instead, I relentlessly search for certified sources of oils and butters. Shopping? Sounds so easy! Formulators such as myself have very few reliable sources for our high standards.

So, Wildcrafted. Yes or No?

I am not throwing shade; responsibly harvesting and utilizing raw ingredients from the earth is awe-inspiring and a huge task. On a small (like super small, personal-sized small), I don’t think the harm is great. But how can these natural resources be used for us without an impact on the natural world?

What do you think about wild harvesting? Is it more responsible? Cleaner? Sustainable?

Lynn Hartman

Lynn Hartman

I am passionate about natural skincare. I have curated my personal favorites formulas to share with you. I want you to love your skincare ritual again.

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