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Hey Minimalists!

Lynn here with a peek inside the mind of an obsessed formulator. Warning, it is deep lol. Let’s start with the last time I sent an order of my flagship product, Whipped Body Butter (in Native 18, of course!).

The Stats

  • 91 degrees
  • 3 pounds of packaging material including oogly freezer packs
  • 4 thermal packs for those oogly freezer packs
  • 14 ounces of product


This was an order being shipped to one of my favorite customers and supporters in Lake Tahoe. I was writhing with embarrassment. NOTHING about this shipment screamed *minimalist* and it was so far from my idea of beautiful branding. Ouch.

My Thoughts

I hope the body butter doesn’t melt, and either way, can we still be friends? So started my quest to share my passion to create clean skincare and still be a bit more reasonable. I started to really think about what sustainability means to me and my customers. For more on this, stay tuned for next weeks’ blog: Wild Crafted, Yes or No?

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The Solution

Create “conventional” skin products in the LEAST conventional way. This means you can be sure all of your lotions and creams are created without any added palm or palm derivatives, coconut or coconut derivatives and no soy! I employ the most natural and effective preservatives. In fact, one of my favorite preservatives is actually a huge benefit to skin! I will always offer waterless products. They are worth their weight in gold. A few of the whipped waterless products will be offered seasonally only. If they are your jam and your only jam, no worries. You can stock up at the end of the winter season, keep them in a cool place all summer and they will stay as fresh as the day I created them for you.

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I am passionate about natural skincare. I have curated my personal favorites formulas to share with you. I want you to love your skincare ritual again.

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