Most frequent questions and answers

Orders will ship within 1-3 days of purchase. Orders ship USPS Priority Mail or UPS,  which means your package will *typically* be in transit 2-3 days.

Rose Otto Essential Oil is considered one of the most effective and safe EOs to use on facial skin. It is both gentle and effective. Clary Sage is soothing and balancing. Both our Rose Facial Line and Clary Sage Lines are created using skin-safe guidelines. As always, discontinue if any irritation or allergic reaction occurs. It is best practices to consult a physician before using any essential oil. 

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Thank you for being concerned about how packaging effects the environment! Our entire facial line is packaged in cute frosted glass. Given the difficulties with the majority of glass not making it to recycling, we hope you like the look and reuse/repurpose these adorable bottles and jars!

Our Original Body Butter is also packaged in glass. Our Lux Hydration Body Lotion is packaged in sugarcane tubes. While not the absolute most ideal, it is better than virgin plastic, is compostable in many instances and decreases packaging and shipping costs greatly.

 We follow FDA guidelines and list each of our certified organic ingredients individually. We choose the highest quality certified organic ingredients for the health of your skin.
The process of becoming a certified organic producer is lengthy and costly. It is a goal of ours to reach this status.